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pub. , Oct 59 (Wintertime 1992): 3–7. rn[23] See Nicholas Mirzoeff, The Appropriate to Search: A Counterhistory of Visuality (Durham, N. C.

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theguardian. com/commentisfree/2015/aug/09/ferguson-civil-legal rights-motion-deray-mckesson-protest[/url]rn[38] André Brock, “From the Blackhand Facet: Twitter as a Cultural Conversation,” Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media 56, no. rn[39] Negar Mottadeh, #iranelection: Hashtag Solidarity and the Transformation of On the internet Lifetime (Stanford, Calif. , 2015), p. rn[forty] See Todd S. Purdum, “The Country: Concentrate Groups? To Bush, the Crowd Was a Blur,” New York Periods , 23 Feb. nytimes. com/2003/02/23/weekinreview/the-country-focus-teams-to-bush-the-group-was-a-blur. html]http://www. nytimes. com/2003/02/23/weekinreview/the-nation-target-groups-to-bush-the-crowd-was-a-blur. html[/url]rn[41] Ruth Wilson Gilmore, Golden Gulag: Prisons, Surplus, Crisis, and Opposition in Globalizing California (Berkeley, 2006), p. rn[forty two] “L. A. Inhabitants Plead With LAPD On Indicators, Shirts: ‘Don’t Shoot, I am Not Chris Dorner,'” Newsone, twelve Feb. com/2204122/dorner-signs/rn[forty three] Eugene Robinson, “I’m Black, Don’t Shoot Me,” Washington Submit , twenty Feb. washingtonpost. com/opinions/eugene-robinson-im-black-dont-shoot-me/2014/02/20/3899521e-9a61-11e3-b931-0204122c514bstory. html?utmterm=. bd08dd328ffc]http://www. washingtonpost. com/opinions/eugene-robinson-im-black-dont-shoot-me/2014/02/20/3899521e-9a61-11e3-b931-0204122c514bstory.

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